QFix Brand 

Project: Brand identity for an IT company


My role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design

Team: 1 Designer, 3 stakeholders


#1 - Measuring

QFix wanted a new, fresh brand identity and website that would make them pop out above the Czech competition. The guiding question was how might we create a brand that would inspire trust, as well as an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit?

After the initial meeting, I shared a google doc with the stakeholders to help them understand what they want to create. Choosing a document is important because it helps clients type which give a sense of persistency and seriousness that is of utmost importance at this step, before diving into ideas. We focused on audience, goals of the company and only after on design.

Design challenges:

  • The current QFix Solutions brand identity was not making the company stand out.

  • We needed to establish how they defined success.

  • We needed to define a design direction that would help QFix Solutions inspire trust and innovation to potential customers.

Google document for stakeholders to fill in.

Google document for stakeholders to fill in.


#2 - Iterations 

The congruent points the three stakeholders agreed on were that the new QFix brand should be:

  1. Quirky and nerdy as well as elegant

  2. It should feel safe to financial advisors...

  3. …but different enough to inspire

  4. The brand materials should pop-out


brand sketches.jpg

#3 - Designs 

I played with forms to convey both openness and trust.


#4 - Business Cards 

The container for the logotype expresses each group in the company:

  1. Design

  2. Development

  3. Internationals

  4. Experiences

business card.jpg

#5 - Stationary 


This project is still being developed. Get back in a few weeks for updates.