LeaderApp - managing real estate leads

Client: ZFP Czech Republic

Goal: Create a marketing platform for growing online real estate businesses. Real estate agents and financial advisors can manage leads from the LeaderApp website and iPhone or Android phones, create notes and tasks, receive lead notifications and more.

My role: UX, UI, Art Direction

Team: 1 UX/UI designer; 6 Developers; 1 Product Manager

I coached the client on design thinking and executed user research, design, and prototyping/user testing.

Working on the product website.

Working on the product website.


Step 1 - User interviews

My aim was to build a target profile of the people who were going to benefit from the app. We brainstormed with the team and decided to invite a focus group of 20 real estate agents from ZFP to meet with us and share their ideal product. I focused on understanding their current mental model and behaviors and desired interaction. After conducting group sessions, I noted common patterns and was able to validate the client’s assumptions and dig deeper in current user behaviors.



Step 2 - Design Thinking Workshop

Next we set out to define their business goals. Participants were teamed in groups of 5-6 and were given certain scenarios to think about. This helped them bring to surface pain points and helped us to empathize and establish use cases to solve.

Activities we did included 'Welcome to my world',  'The 5-Whys' and 'Draw the problem'.

We then asked them to share with the extended group. The ideas that came out of this intense 1-day workshop were then grouped and prioritized. We asked participants to arrange the recurrent points in the order they would need to use them within their business.  



Step 3 - Design Direction

One of the most interesting and challenging aspects of working on this project was talking in front of 20-something real estate agents and finance people about modern, clean design, namely flat UI. We were moving from  a skeuomorphic design product to a more flat-design look and our team thought it would be a great opportunity to position ourselves miles in front of the competition by winning our users over with great design and a catered smart user experience. My task was to create a presentation and advocate for design. 


Step 4 - Ideation

I started working on multiple fronts: brand, web app, iOS and Android apps as well as a presentation website for the product. The design evolved from paper sketches with user flows mapping the IA to applying the brand design and setting the tone of the product. 


Step 5 - Testing

After a few internal iterations and team negotiation sessions, we started working on more in depth features and went testing. The results helped us improve the product's loose ends and provided us with even better understanding of our target customer's pain points. 


Step 6 - UI design

After hearing the customer feedback we kicked the ball on the field again, pen and paper at hand - it was back to the sketching board, iterating and improving. As a product designer on this project my job was not done once the design were handed off to developers. I continued to work alongside the PM and the developers answering interaction questions, solving corner cases and establishing product direction. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.34.51 PM.png

The greatest accomplishment was helping the broker agencies establish the direction for their product. Playing the 5 Whys game to get to the bottom of the problem they needed to solve and organizing the design thinking exercises were definitely the highlights of this project. QFix Solutions is currently still working on the app development for this project.